Basic Process

  • Initial Consultation
  • The initial consultation is where a DUI attorney lays out all your rights and defenses.

  • Arraignment
  • This is the first court hearing where the defendant pleads guilty, not guilty or no contest.

  • Pretrial Motions
  • Constitutional defenses generally get litigated pretrial. This includes speedy trial motions, improper search and seizure, and double jeopardy.

  • Pitchess Motions
  • A Pitchess motion is where a defendant seeks information from an officer's private file.

  • Motions in Limine
  • In Limine motions are motions that control what can and cannot be said during trial.

  • Jury Trial
  • A jury or bench trial is where guilt or innocence actually gets litigated.

  • DMV Hearings
  • DMV hearings are hearings the DMV holds regarding the accused DUI driver's license.

  • DMV Appeals and Writs
  • DMV writs involve suing the DMV to undo an unjust DMV decision.

  • Sentence Management
  • This involves attempts to prevent collateral consequences such as job loss.

Free Consultation

A good DUI lawyer walks you through what is likely to happen in your case during the intial consultation. This begins by getting your basic information, name, telephone number, and address to be certain there are no conflicts. Then, the attorney asks for the date of the arrest. This is to preserve your rights. If the DMV is not contacted in 10 days, your license suspension will usually start in 30 days. Even for guilty clients, this is beneficial because you have more time to manage the suspension around your job and family.

After ensuring there are no conflicts and informing you of your time sensitive rights, an good DUI defense attorney will ask you questions listen to you talk about what happened on the night of the arrest.

Based on this, an attorney can determine the likely results in your case, and advise you on the best course of action.

For more details on the process, check out the process page.

Tier 1 Services

Tier 1 includes receiving both informal and formal discovery, reviewing those with the client, conducting the DMV hearing, negotiating the best possible sentence and limited post sentence assistance.

Flat fee prices are determined by county and charges. Payment plans are accepted.

Tier 2 Services

Tier 2 includes all services from Tier 1 plus any pretrial motions that need to be filed. If a felony case, this includes the preliminary hearing and the 995.

Flat fee prices are determined by county and charges. Payment plans are accepted.

Tier 3 Services

This includes all of the prior services plus a jury trial or an interlocutory appeal of a pretrial motion.

Flat fee prices are determined by county and charges. Payment plans are accepted.